Why use WordPress?

There are many Content Management Systems (CMS’s) out there to choose from. WordPress, however, has become a dominant force and for good reason. Today, around 75 million websites are using WordPress.  Let’s look at why they are, and why you should, too.

WordPress allows you to make your own updates

It’s completely understandable and, in fact, wise that you would use a developer to build your website. Once the site is completed though, do you really want to have to go back to a developer simply to make a change to some text or to add a picture? The easy answer is “no.”

WordPress allows you to easily make your own updates to your website. It’s a simple process due to its intuitive user interface. You can save yourself considerable amounts of money by making your own content updates. For sure, it is wise to go back to a developer for functionality updates/changes, but WordPress allows you the freedom to add and change your content whenever you like. This makes it more likely that you will indeed do so, which is not just good for keeping your site content fresh, but is also good for SEO purposes.


WordPress is free

The WordPress software is completely free and open source. Anyone can download and install the software, and can also look at all the source code if you’re that way inclined. You don’t need to pay every time a new version is released.


There are a multitude of useful plugins

If you need functionality that extends beyond the standard reach of what WordPress offers, chances are that there is a plugin that will do exactly what you need.  For instance, say you want an e-commerce website. A plugin like WooCommerce will give you the means to add e-commerce functionality to your website. You want specific SEO features? A plugin like Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin will give you the features you need to help your SEO.

There are many, many more plugins available, covering almost anything you can imagine needing. Many are free, but some of the larger, better supported plugins charge a fee. Whether you go with a free or paid plugin, you should be able to find exactly what you need.


WordPress is well developed

Started back in 2003, WordPress has since grown from a blogging platform to a full-fledged CMS. Due to its open source nature, it has been constantly tweaked and improved over the years, and continues to be today. Constant work has made it a very stable platform on which to build a website. Constant security updates also help to protect your website from hackers (although regular backups of your website are highly recommended).

What all this boils down to is WordPress isn’t going anywhere. Constantly growing in popularity, many people are turning to WordPress for their websites. Those who have been using it for a number of years are sticking with WordPress when they revamp their websites. The ability to have virtually any type of website along with the ease of making your own updates to your content makes for a strong case for using WordPress for your next website.



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